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When Creatives Link-Up


When I first decided that I was going to finally create this blog, I was kind of nervous but I knew that it was something I've always intended on doing. It was one of those moments when I questioned myself like "what do you have to lose?" "Why do you care what people think?" I must admit I had plenty of supporters that pushed me to get this done and I'm glad that I did. I've always been told that your comfort zone will kill you and you'll only get as far as you allow yourself to. So, this is me stepping out, taking a chance and doing the things I love.

Hamilton Princess Bermuda


A big part of being in a creative field is networking. People want to know who you are, what you do and what you can provide for them. I'll admit, I suck at networking and public speaking but hey I'm working on it. On this particular Sunday, I had the pleasure of brunching at Marcus' at Hamilton Princess with some creative like-minded individuals who are bloggers as well (I'm the newbie lol). It's always a pleasure hanging with people who have the same interests as you and a plus is the BOMB pictures that come out of it. Hey we're bloggers, that's what we do!

Marcus' @ Hamilton Princess

This was my very first time visiting Marcus' and I must say the food was really good and I enjoyed the way the restaurant was designed and decorated. A second visit is a must!


I opted to go with a festive look by pairing an off the shoulder yellow woven top and red dangling earrings from Forever21, with stripped pants from Jean Paul Richard that I had purchased at Ross and tan colored Nine West heels. To complete the look I had a bamboo handbag that is available for purchase on my website under the "shop" tab. The handbag along with a red lip gave it a very chic and unique look.


Later that day, thanks to True Bermuda Charters, more bloggers met up to board their yacht, Azalea. It was a beautiful night out on the water and the crew were very friendly. We chatted it up, ate food, had drinks and enjoyed the beautiful Bermuda sunset. A second visit is a must also!


Overall, it was a great day and I look forward to meeting new people and creating more wonderful memories. Until next time...

Continue to Work Hard and Stay Humble!




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