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Updated: Aug 4, 2018

Island girl with a love for ART, DESIGN AND FASHION

First let me introduce myself...

My name is Donyae' Hollis, a self-taught artist and designer from the island of Bermuda. I have always been passionate about creativity and never tried to limit myself to one specific form. At a young age I began painting and drawing and as I matured my talents grew further into media arts, fashion and graphics.


At 18 years old I started a small freelance graphic design business while studying Art and Design at Bermuda College. In the near future I am hoping to attend University abroad to further my education in Fashion Marketing and Management.


This is my first time starting a blog and having a website (it's been a long time coming I must say). I created this blog not only to showcase my work but also post about the creative experiences in my life. It has been a challenging yet interesting few years such as saving for University, finding the time to create art with a full time job or even the fact of being an artsy person stuck behind a desk job (that's a story for another day). However, everything happens when it's supposed to right? If you would like, you can join me on my creative journey as I use these talents God has blessed me with and fulfill these lifelong dreams of mine.


Continue to Work Hard and Stay Humble!



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