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We're closing in on Fashion Week in Bermuda and I had the pleasure of attending the most anticipated event, in my opinion, the Local Designer Fashion Show. This show consists of Bermudian designers that come together to present their lines they've been working on with their assigned mentors over a period of four months.


Normally, I'm backstage helping to organize the looks and preparing models for the runway, however it was very rewarding to view the fashion collections from the other side this year (and less stressful I might add, LOL).

2017 Bermuda Fashion Festival Backstage


2018 Bermuda Fashion Festival: Local Designer Show


The event consisted of many different styles and techniques that brought out each designers' personality and creativity. It was evident the amount of hard-work and detail that was put into each look. Each designer had a video introduction which helped the audience get to know them a bit more before the models graced the stage. The show started out strong with Rochelle Nicole by Rochelle Minors, which I thoroughly enjoyed!


Many of the designers' collections were inspired by our beautiful island home from the past and present. There were even some graphic design inspired pieces that captured my attention because of my love for graphics of course! It was amazing to see how each designers' talents and months of mentor-ship helped their collections flourish into such beautiful works of art on the runway.

Oh, and lets not forget the plus size slayage on the stage!!! Thanks to Thirty86!


Congrats to all the designers! It was a great show and I can't wait to see what Bermuda Fashion Festival has in store for us all next year!

Continue to Work Hard and Stay Humble!




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